FAKE NEWS ALERT: CNN falsely claims “transgender man” gave birth to a baby boy

Nothing brings out the quack science and news fakery of the mainstream media more than the issue of transgenderism. Reaching new lows in fake news, CNN is now claiming that a “transgender man” just gave birth to a baby boy, reporting, “a transgender man living in Portland, Oregon, has given birth to a boy with his partner of seven years.”

The article, of course, is a lie. In truth, a biological woman gave birth to a baby boy. How do we know that? Because men do not have the reproductive organs of women. Having the ability to give birth is, in fact, part of the very definition of womanhood. It is no more possible for a man to give birth to a child than it is for a woman to be a sperm donor.

But hard facts rooted in biological science never stand in the way of the anti-science Left and its twisted agenda of spawning biological confusion through the repeated use of deliberately false reporting. Adding to the gender confusion, CNN now claims that being a biological woman is really just a “gender assignment” at birth, implying that a person can instantly change their gender assignment at will. Listen to the language of the gender confused, as reported by CNN:

Reese, who was assigned the female gender at birth, posted a video in March explaining his decision to carry a baby as a transgender man. “I’m OK with my body being a trans body,” he said. “I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby.”

There’s no such thing, of course, as “a man with a uterus.” And gender isn’t randomly “assigned” at birth. In truth, Reese was born a woman and remains a biological woman. Yet CNN couldn’t quite bring itself to report the headline, “Woman gives birth to a boy” because there’s nothing outrageous about that, of course.

If you don’t believe in female biology, you don’t believe in nature or reality

It is an irrefutable scientific fact: Across all the natural world of mammals and primates, almost every being is born as either a male or a female. This is, of course, the very basis for sexual reproduction, evolution and the continuation of the species. But what the insane Left is pushing today is a violation of the natural world: The idea that men can give birth or that children should be surgically maimed by doctors because they feel like they associate more with the opposite gender. Real scientists are cringing at the Left’s insane anti-science denialism, but of course most scientists dare not say anything because the entire culture now believes the transgender Emperor is wearing elaborating flowing robes. (Only those who speak the truth dare point out that the Emperor is naked.)

While I wish Trystan Reese and her partner (Biff Chaplow) a positive parenting experience — and I hope they find a way to breastfeed their newborn — to call Trystan a “man” who gave birth is an outright lie. That’s what fake news CNN does best, of course: Lie to the world and push a cultural agenda rooted in quackery and deception. There is no such thing as a man who can give birth to a child, period. And anyone who writes such a thing is either a liar or a fool. (Fake science propagandist Bill Nye is both, it turns out.)

Remember, too, that the same anti-science lunacy demonstrated by CNN on this story is also present in its coverage of climate alarmism, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and GMOs. On every subject imaginable, CNN deliberately distorts the truth to push absurdly false narratives (vaccines harm no one, pharmaceuticals are good for you, GMOs are harmless and men can give birth to baby boys).

Tip for confused CNN pseudojournalists: If you have a uterus, you are a woman. Sure, you can dress up like a man, and you can take hormones to increase the growth of your body hair and lower your voice. But you’re still a woman, even if you’re a woman pretending to be a man. Go get a DNA test and find out for yourself.

This is not a condemnation of Trystan, but rather of the fake news media’s false reporting

Nothing in this article, by the way, should be interpreted as condemnation of Trystan and her partner. As a social libertarian, I’ve always insisted that people should be free to live the way they want, with whatever partner they want, and to express themselves in their own way. My criticism is solely for the fake news media falsely reporting Trystan as being a “man” who gave birth to a boy. Trystan is a biological woman who gave birth, and any attempt to claim that a “man” gave birth to a newborn is a flat-out fake news lie.

My guess is that Trystan is probably overjoyed at being a new mom, and that her child will receive a tremendous amount of love and support. Will that child be confused that he has two apparent dads? Possibly, but given that we live in a society where so many children have no dads at all, that’s really not a showstopper. My guess is that Trystan and her partner will likely be very nurturing parents and the child will be just fine.

Here’s a link to Trystan’s Facebook page, where she and Biff explain that they are available to speak at universities, where they will no doubt receive a hero’s welcome among university students who think transgenderism is the new nirvana. If you decide to post something on their Facebook page, be polite about it. Congratulate them on their newborn! (And encourage them to breastfeed, please, as that’s important for infant health. Lucky for the parents, one of them is a biological woman.)

Here’s a photo of the mother of the new child, who is undergoing hormone treatments to become more male in terms of physical body expression.

Prediction: Confused young men will soon start taking birth control pills and seeking out abortion clinics

CNN, it seems, is more than happy to go along with the “let’s play pretend” charade and actually report the fake news that a biological woman is somehow a “man” who has given birth. No doubt some young men who read CNN are starting to take birth control pills because they worry that they, too, might become pregnant one day and have to seek out an abortion. That’s what the insanity of the Left-wing media has truly come to: Young metrosexual men taking birth control pills because they’re afraid they might get pregnant.

It won’t be long, I predict, before CNN rolls out another whopper headline: “Man gets abortion at Planned Parenthood” and the insane Left erupts with another round of obedient applause. Don’t forget that the schools have abandoned biology lessons, too, because actual biology contradicts the twisted narratives of the delusional Left and its transgender agenda. No science is allowed in the schools anymore because the study of genetics disproves the transgender narratives all at once.

It’s all so truly insane and delusional that the rest of us who live in the real world quite literally see the Left as increasingly mentally ill. Left-wing journalists at CNN, NPR, NYT and WashPost have proven again and again that they are incapable of honest, truthful journalism. Today, they function as nothing more than Pravda-like propaganda rags for the unhinged Left whose ideas are rooted in extreme mental illness and the denial of scientific reality.

Learn more about this topic at Gender.news.

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